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DJ Brka takes us deep into the World of the Cosmic Balkan Approach of the 1970tes.

Session #06: Slobodan AKA DJ Brka takes us deep into the World of the Cosmic Balkan Approach of the 1970tes.
Session #06: Slobodan AKA DJ Brka -The Balkans Approach Mix
From some new wave, synth tunes like Bastion which was the first band of almighty Macedonian Kirli Dzaikovski. Produced by legendary Suba (Rex Illusivii) over a bit of rock with Smak the so called Yugoslav Led Zeppelin passing Leb i sol representing the 70s jazz funk all the way down to Obscure 7’’ by Zorica with Kire Mitrev of KIM Band fame till the last tune which is a “festival version” of the very well known Bosnian folk tune, sung by the legendary Safet Isovic… . Whre nobody knows why they did it… but shurly, it’s well cosmic.
Slobodan AKA DJ Brka is a well known DJ from Belgrade… Who ran the highly acclaimed Disco Not Disco party with a couple of friends… It has the reputation to be the best adult disco party in Southest Europe. For real. They play and love obscure dance music for real…
Slobodan has been collecting all his life… as a student in London he used to work part time in the Notting Hill Music and Video Exchange shop… the “internet before internet” as he claims it.
He came back to Belgrade in 1996… and played the scene ever since… He says about himself: “I’m conisered an old guy (41) by the kids… but they respect me… I can play house music too :)”
A liitle something about the Disco Not Disco Partys:
Disco Not Disco is an adult disco (not disco) party in Belgrade, Serbia.
No sponsors, no advertising, no profit!
The first Disco Not Disco party happened on 8 December 2007.
… Disco Not Disco resident DJs are:
Slobodan AKA DJ Brka, Schwabe, Toshke
Disco Not Dosco on Facebook
Disco Not Disco has such we,ll know guest DJs such as :
Tropical Jeremy (USA), Speculator (USA), Beppe Loda (Italy), Mari.cha (Greece), MCDE (Germany), Lexx a.k.a. Kawabata (Switzerland), Bjorn , Torske (Norway), Red Rack’em (UK), Hunee (Germany / Korea), Spectral Empire (UK), Terrence Parker (USA), Khidja (Romania), Rayko (Spain), Phil Banks (UK), Tako (Netherlands), Fred P AKA Black Jazz Consoritum (USA), Gerd Janson (Germany), Baris K (Turkey), Foolish Felix (UK), Daniel Wang (USA / Germany), Pete Z (UK), Pytzek (Croatia),, Maurice Fulton (USA / UK), Quarion (Switzerland), Vlada Janjic (Serbia), Cheers Chris (Germany), Jogarde (Croatia),, Lee Douglas (USA), Andrew Lovefingers (USA), Ichisan & Nakova (Slovenia), Toby Tobias (UK), Vladimir Ivkovic (Germany), Mulitpraktik / Nered K4 (Slovenia), Mudd (UK), Marius (Norway), Phil Mison (UK), Omar (Norway), Ray Mang (UK)., Rune Lindbaek (Norway), Nick Chacona (USA), Simbad (UK), Braca Burazeri (Serbia)
1. Bastion – Molitva (PGP RTB)
2. Beograd – Japan (PGP RTB)
3. Katarina II – Treba da se cisti (ZKP RTVL)
4. Kozmetika – Belzebub (ZKP RTVL)
5. Smak – Tegoba (PGP RTB)
6. Leb i sol – Uzvodno od tuge (PGP RTB)
7. Elariona Riza – Valla Bravo (Vojvodina koncert)
8. Furda – Drugog deo (Jugodisk)
9. FSB – Sega, Disko Klub (Balkanton)
10. Vocal Trio M with FSB and DJ Yordan Georgiev – Disco, Disco (Balkanton)
11. Boban Petrovic – Djuskaj (ZKP RTVL)
12. COD – Maja mala na popravni pala (Jugoton)
13. Zorica Milosavljevic – Disko par (PGP RTB)
14. Safet Isovic – Mujo kuje konja po mjesecu (Festivalska verzija) (PGP RTB)

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